Pole and Loop Band Workshop

Course Introduction Video



The pole is a cost effective and portable piece of equipment that all Pilates teachers should have in their ’tool kit’

This multi-purpose piece is useful in both group and 1-1 sessions.

Whether your client needs help with shoulder stability, postural awareness or balance, the pole is an ideal addition to your programme.

Your teaching will be elevated and refreshed with lots of new ideas to take to your next class or teaching session.

Equipment provided for the workshop.



The loop band is a lightweight versatile piece of equipment to challenge and assist your Pilates repertoire.

What really sets this equipment apart is in how simple it is to use but have the ability to give resistance and assistance in your class

The loop band gives a different feel to your usual Pilates movements which will spark your clients’ passion and curiosity.

Be ready to feel excited, inspired and motivated

Equipment provided for the workshop and available for purchase through MK Pilates shop.