MK Pilates Matwork Diplomas

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Here at MK Pilates we have two different levels for Pilates Matwork Teacher Training.

  • Silver Diploma
  • Gold Elite Diploma

The Silver Matwork Diploma can take 6-12 months to complete and offers more face to face time as well as practice time and breaks the work down into three distinct sections: Foundation Group, Intermediate & Advanced Group and personal Training 1:1 introducing small equipment.  For people coming into the industry for the first time, who do not specifically need the UK Level 3, this is the most popular way to build your confidence and knowledge to be able to teach in any environment.

The Gold Elite Diploma meets the new SPM (Society for the Pilates Method) Pilates Matwork Standard and covers more hours and more subjects such as Special Populations, Small Equipment and Functional Anatomy days. Also we require more case studies for clients on a One to One basis and with this Diploma you are eligible, upon completion, to go onto the Register of SPM Teachers.

There are no formal entry requirements for any of these diplomas, other than some practical experience of the Pilates Matwork, and of course a strong desire for and a belief in Pilates, which you bring to your education to become the best teacher possible.

Plus you can build your training pathway by starting with the Level 3, start teaching and upskilling to the Silver and eventually the Gold Elite as we believe as we know from experience that as you gain experience from teaching you will feel the need to add to you education.

At present we offer both a full face to face education or blended, where you may do some of your time in live online situations and then also include some in-person face to face time. In individual cases a fully online option is available by prior agreement. All courses include online video content as part of your study material.

Please reach out to us to discuss your individual situation if you have specific goal dates or are concerned about the time commitment.

Our Silver Matwork Diploma is our main Matwork Certification and consists of our three Matwork Certifications as detailed below. Each of the certifications consists of 4 days of education in either a modular, typically 2 x 2 days, or as a 4 day intensive event format for delivery. This results in 12 days of Face to Face tutor led time, and along with your home study time, personal practice hours, and all Assessment processes you achieve our maximum credit of educational development hours for Matwork Pilates.

Matwork Part One

Matwork Part Two

Matwork Part Three

Our Gold Elite Matwork Diploma not only offers the Matwork Stage One, Two and Three but also our five Functional Anatomy one day courses, as well as three small equipment one day course and two special populations days. The details of these are available below by clicking on the button.

We feel that all instructors should be able to manage many different clients with different and challenging physical needs and it is through the additional courses we bring more education to you that address these needs.

It may take several years to achieve this level of qualification as many students who start with us on a Silver Matwork Diploma continue with the education and reach Gold Elite Level in their own timeframe.

A Master Matwork Diploma is not scheduled as one series of dates. It can be achieved in pieces and elements such as small equipment or anatomy can be attended even before a Silver Matwork Diploma is completed. Please have a look at our DIARY, consult with your Training Centre or through our website for further education or guidance with your training Pathway choices.

Matwork Part One

Matwork Part Two

Matwork Part Three

Supplementary Modules

The Bridging Course is designed for those instructors who have completed training with other Pilates Schools and are looking to add or compliment their education while learning any differences with the MK Pilates Method of teaching.

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Course Dates

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