Extend Programmes

Extend: Pilates Based Group Class Programme.

MK Pilates Extend Programmes uses the repertoire from the traditional Spine Corrector and combined with some mobility and flexibility movements brings you a fun and challenging class. We use our own fabric covered, cushioned spine corrector, which offers a great surface to work against but the programme can be successfully done on any West Coast style Spine Corrector.

In todays world we are spending more time flexed, not only spending hours at a desk and on our computers but also connected with our smart phone texting and following our social media. This has had a serious impact on our posture and along with that we experience greater stress and fatigue on many areas of our body.  We believe that with good corrective programming we can reduce this effect on our body and the Extend Programme uses movements that will promote a counterbalance for all our time in flexion.

Having a body which not only moves, feels and looks better is so important, but to maintain this and improve performance even more we also include movements that focus on our Myofascial Chains that run throughout our whole body.

For any teacher one of the challenges is to stay both current and innovative at the same time. We have a duty to do this for both your own and the class participant’s enjoyment and benefits. This is our job to help motivate the class to keep coming back to get the best benefits possible.  Extend has been designed to keep you and your classes feeling and looking great. Regular new releases will be in development all the time. Each new class programme we develop offers new music and choreographic combinations to achieve our goals.