By the Book: Part One with Malcolm Muirhead

By the Book: Part One with Malcolm Muirhead

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When we start to reference what are the correct versions of Pilates Matwork Moves we typically can get into really delicate conversations as opinions run quite strong! Were you or your teachers influenced by an Elder? Are they clinically trained? How do they approach their Pilates - as a Method or as exercises? All of these questions can produce different answers creating different interpretations of the work. Add to that the fact that all those who worked with the original 1st generation teachers will acknowledge that they all made their own changes and through most of their journeys with Pilates were quite happy to add to or modify the original work they had been taught by Joseph and Clara. So in reality, we are left with only one reference to be in any way confident of using that terms Original, Traditional or Classical (all meaning the same thing – as Joseph did it or close to it) and that is the Contrology book. Return to Life Through Contrology. The trouble is that we have a few editions since the original and minor edits have been made and even the pictures used have been changed in some of the movements. So what do we do? We pick an edition and try to follow it! The essence of Joseph is still present in all of them and the direct instruction just as clear in all of them.

So let’s take a bit of time and look at those original instructions and how we can interpret them. We then can relate that to some of his original words in the introductory text where he shared his goals and hopes with eh method. Of course, we will start with The Hundred! Knowledge is power so let’s see what Joseph had to say to his clients in 19?? when the first edition was published. This is not about what he said or did in the last years before he died and Clara continued the Legacy.

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