Matwork Series: Plus Size Pilates

Matwork Series: Plus Size Pilates

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How do you approach working with a Plus Size client?  Whether it is an above-average height client or a client carrying excessive weight this workshop will discuss the challenges we all encounter as teachers to get this right.  You will get be guided through practical solutions for that first session.  Learn how to evaluate mobility, postural imbalances, strengths, and weaknesses, to best programme and deliver a practical and successful session.  Create a positive and empowering experience without limiting either your client’s or your own goals.

Michael King has been working with the Pilates technique for over 40 years. He originally worked with the technique as a dancer at the London School of Contemporary Dance. In 1982 he opened his first studio, Body Control, in connection with the newly formed Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden London.

Michael has a unique perspective of the Pilates Method as having a strong traditional background but a strong contemporary way of creating pathways to the traditional movements. His dance background also plays a strong part in his sessions and creativity.

MK Pilates training programs are now taught in 32 training centres in 29 countries worldwide and have been instrumental in the development of national and international standards in recent years.

Who is this workshop designed for?
Experienced Pilates Instructors who are looking to expand their knowledge and teaching ideas but also for people who are thinking of training on the reformer and would like to come and see why MK Pilates is such a powerful way of becoming a strong confident teacher while still finding your own unique style of teaching the method.

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