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This is the foundation of our training. Whether you are a group exercise instructor, personal trainer or looking to change careers, this is our entry level training. With this format, you have tutor led instruction time, and take personal responsibility to practice before, during and after tutor face to face time. There is a recommended period of at least 4 weeks teaching practice before your final assessment with a suggestion of 5 hours teaching practice per week.

Recommended 38 hours’ practice time – this covers self practice, home study, paperwork completion and practice teaching and is completed before, during and after the tutor attended days.

Hours Summary

Foundation Diploma Standard Diploma
3 Days : 24 lecture hours,
4 Days : 32 lecture hours,
Self Study, Assessment and Workbook Completion 18 Hours,
Self Study, Assessment and Workbook Completion 18 Hours,
Self practice- class attendance - 20 hours Self practice- class attendance - 20 hours
Teacher Development - Total 62 Hours Teacher Development - Total 70 Hours

Matwork Certificate
valid for 2 years (unless enrolled on Diploma Course) with a requirement for ongoing education to maintain verification with 14 hours Teacher Development Hours each 2 year period.

Foundation Diploma:  Some centres have a delivery format that has less Face to Face time due to local considerations.  When this occurs, the extra hours can be accrued through attendance of additional educational events in the subsequent months and years to qualify for a Standard Diploma.  Typically, a Foundation Diploma has less observed practice time and fewer tutor led group classes, but educational content is not excluded.

Course Content

Course Content

  • Face to Face Tutor Time – 32 hours
  • Movement essence and exercise goals.
  • Muscular initiation and sequencing.
  • Breakdown of fundamental repertoire to beginner and mixed ability movement levels.
  • Teaching skills: looking for proper execution of the exercises.
  • Class design, exercise variations and modifications.
  • Review of moves and Pilates specific cueing issues.
  • Preparation and closing phases, movement transitions.
  • Effective communication, verbal cueing and effective imagery.
  • Workbook requirements documenting understanding of Health and Safety / Emergency issues and understanding of the group education dynamic. General and Pilates specific anatomy knowledge assessment.
  • General review of paperwork / workbook requirements.
  • Practice teaching with feedback.
  • Formative assessment of teaching Pilates in preparation for the summative assessment
  • Online Support Materials

Support Materials

  • The student Handbook and Workbook provided as downloadable PDF files to print at your convenience but required to be accessed either digitally or in printed format during your Face to Face tutor time. The Handbook displays versions of the original movement with note pages for your completion during and after the education.  The Workbook provides master pages to be used to record your assessment process, and provide your written evidences.  Your Workbook also includes the assessment criteria your work will be marked against to achieve a PASS result. It is recommended you familiarise yourself with this material prior to attendance wherever possible.  Also included is an Anatomy and Physiology general document to guide your study and indicate the level of knowledge we ask you to familiarise yourself with to complete the Matwork Part One education successfully.
  • You will find in your online account 10 sample questions to guide your self study in preparation for your written multiple choice theory paper.
  • Video content is provided for this education The primary content covers the movements as required for Part 01 Matwork. Also included are a number of other videos covering sample classes, closing and preparation phases of a class along with further support content to support your Face to Face tutor time.  As this area is modified or grown your account will automatically be updated with the new content for as long as your account is active.



  • Workbook to include a 12 week lesson plan with emphasis on weeks 1, 6 & 12.
  • One Hour Class targeted at a 6 week beginner class Assuming 2 class per week attendance.
  • Multiple choice theory paper covering 5
    This is an internally developed and marked paper of 35 questions.
    • Section 1 – Pilates knowledge – technique and anatomy
    • Section 2 – Bones and joints
    • Section 3 –   Muscles, muscle actions and energy systems
    • Section 4 – Cardio-respiratory system
    • Section 5 – Components of fitness, principles of training and the nervous/endocrine systems



There are no mandatory pre-requisites for this course. We do assume that if you are attending a teacher training course in Pilates that you have attended classes for some time and may ask for conformation that you have attended a minimum of 20 group Matwork classes prior to the first day of face to face training.

Course Dates

Course Dates

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Language Summary

English with Greek translation


Malcolm Muirhead

Malcolm Muirhead


Module 01

05 - 06 10월 2019 (2 Days)

Module 02

02 - 03 11월 2019 (2 Days)


Module 01 & Module 02

The Venue Training Center Apostolou Pavlou 20A


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