NHS Test and Trace
  • It is now a legal requirement to collect customer data, to support NHS Test and Trace.
  • From Thursday 24 September, all gyms and leisure venues in England must display an NHS QR code, and collect customer data, to support NHS Test and Trace. QR codes can be easily created and printed from here.
  • If you deliver classes in a venue, please ensure that the venue is displaying a QR code. If it is not, you should provide one for your class.
  • For children’s classes, parents should scan the QR code.
  • If you deliver classes outdoors, you should create your own QR code to enable customers to check-in to each class.
  • Customers can check in to your venue or class by scanning the code using their phone camera. For any customers unable to do this, you should keep a separate log of attendees and keep this for 21 days.
For further information please see