Assist and Resist with Mikely Rotem

Assist and Resist with Mikely Rotem

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Join Mikely as she returns for another educational session. This time Mikely is bringing you her own unique way of working with the small ball and how, due to its instability, it allows us to reach new depths both on a physical and cognitive level. This class improves posture, coordination, and range of movement. The small ball enriches the Matwork class experience through its variety, but just as important, it is a lot of fun.

Mikely Rotem is a former dance teacher who in 1996 devoted herself to teaching Pilates. Since then she has made a name for herself as one of the foremost Pilates teachers in Israel, working with performers, the older population and special needs as well as the general public. For the past eleven years, Mikely has led certification and teacher training programs as well as giving workshops in a variety of Pilates-related subjects.  In 2005, she was responsible for setting up and running the Pilates Studio in Studio B, as well as becoming Pilates course director for the “B Education”. From 2011 Mikely owns her own Pilates Studio and continues her work with the "Gymnasia" (the new name for B Education). Mikely’s teaching is characterised by her clear, authoritative style, and her creativity which gives her the ability to always bring another energising way to experience the Pilates Method.

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