The Michael King Method

Michael King has been teaching Pilates for 40 years and was trained traditionally but has created his unique method by taking the latest evidence-based research and applying it to the Pilates technique. Using the original goals of the method he believes the technique must be adapted to 'best fit' the needs of the individual client or class participants whether working with the Matwork or Equipment repertoires. Michael's strong belief is that we must see the technique as a training method to compliment other modes of fitness and rehabilitation tools without having to compromise on any of the stated goals of Joseph Pilates himself.

Pilates taught correctly can teach you to train your local stabilising muscles before training your global muscles, which are more commonly target in isolation in the fitness environment. Applying local muscles to stabilise and assist global training can add a new intensity to any strength work. But with any application of the technique or the many variations of the Pilates exercises the Principles always apply.