Understanding Parkinson's Disease Workshop
+ 6 Hour Virtual Course

Understanding Parkinson's Disease Workshop +6 Hour Virtual Course




This package includes:

  1. Understanding Parkinson's Online
  2. Workshop 6-Hour Virtual LIVE session with Mariska

This package is the best way to learn more about Parkinson's and experience a 6-Hour Virtual Workshop with The Neuro Studio co-founder, Mariska Breland, at a discount of $150. The Understanding Parkinson's workshop is self paced and are approved by the Nation Pilates Certification Program.

  • Understanding Parkinson's Online Workshop - 8 CEC's

Please note: You have full access to the workshop immediately through the log in you will create on The Neuro Studio. You will receive information about how to log into the 6-Hour Virtual Training with Mariska Breland in a separate email.

6-Hour Virtual LIVE session

Join Mariska Breland for a LIVE (via Zoom) overview of studio techniques to work with clients with neurological conditions.

We will discuss:

  1. Program design
  2. Primitive movements and their value for weak or neurologically impaired clients
  3. Considerations and exercises for clients using wheelchairs or other assistive devices
  4. Gait, strength, and balance training using Pilates apparatus for people with neurological conditions and injuries
  5. The use of various tools to get better results with neurological clients, including vibration plates and devices, kinesiotape, and other high- and low-tech ways to stimulate the sensory system (and why you want to add it to your sessions).
  6. Q&A

Workshop Content

  • All About Parkinson's - Types, Symptoms, Risk Factors
    • Introduction
    • Statistics and Risk Factors
    • What Causes Parkinson's Disease?
    • Early Onset Parkinson's Disease
    • The Most Common Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
    • Diagnostic Tests
    • Symptoms of Progression
    • Atypical Parkinson's Diseases
    • Co-Morbidities

  • How Parkinson's Disease Works
    • Neurotransmission
    • Dopamine and the Basal Ganglia Pathway
    • Medication for Parkinson's Disease

  • Movement in Parkinson's Disease
    • Rigidity
    • Akinesia and Postural Instability
    • Tremor
    • Dystonia
    • Exercise and Parkinson's Disease
    • Dopamine and the Reward Pathway
    • Neuroplasticity in Parkinsonism

  • Exercises
    • Planning a Session
    • Working with Rigidity
    • Warm Up Exercises
    • Exercises to Build the Stabilizing System
    • Big Movement
    • Big Movements for Small Parts
    • Improving Vocal Volume with Exercise
    • Parkinson's Disease and Falling
    • Standing Balance
    • Make it a Game
    • Gait Problems in Parkinson's Disease
    • Gait Training
    • Breaking Freezing
    • Planning Stops
    • Working with Music and Beats
    • Working with Tremor
    • Hand Exercises
    • Exercises and Stretches for Kyphosis
    • Additional Daily Stretches
    • Facial Exercises
    • Closing Thoughts


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