Classical Bridge Course

Course Introduction Video

We believe in order for us to move the Pilates method and its teachers forward we need to know where we came from. That means mapping our Pilates DNA or understanding what the term “Classical Pilates” means. Our “Classical Pilates” starts with Joseph Pilates himself and the lineage continues via Clara Pilates, the Elders, and onwards to all of us. 

It is important to understand that Joseph Pilates did not pass his method on to just one person. Joe taught several protégés and each one of them had a very different experience working with Joseph and Clara. They each came to him with different issues, strengths, weaknesses, and needs. In the beginning, Joe taught them what they needed for their bodies. Later, when they assisted Joe and Clara teaching in their studio, they were taught what the clients in the studio needed. So, to truly understand “Classical Pilates” you need to have an understanding of Joe and all of his protégés.

In this two 3-day weekend you will experience the “Classical Pilates Mat” in the most inclusive and complete way possible. We will cover Joe’s vision and Joe’s, Clara’s and the Elders teaching methods. We will go far beyond just the variations in choreography; we will analyse and discuss in depth styles and influences and what the differences mean for the body. We will look at the purpose and function of the exercises and the ultimate version and goal of each exercise.