Matwork Stage 03
One to One Personal Programming

This course will give you all you need to safely and effectively take your client through beginner, intermediate and advanced work in a One to One personal training environment.

Final Assessment: After submitting your case study material, you will be assessed working with a client for one hour.
The format can be agreed on an individual student basis but the standard is video submission with self assessment.

Course Includes:

  • Four 8-hour days
  • Anatomy and Physiology refresher material with suggested applications available online to assist.
  • Manual incorporating the original movements.
  • Recommended 40 hours practice time (excluding case studies).
  • Specific one to one modifications, purpose of adaptations and progressions for each movement.
  • Postural Assessment - learning to assess client’s postures and recognise misalignment.
  • Programme design - how to create a suitable Pilates programme based on client’s aims and postural assessment.
  • Screening – interview techniques role plays to gather client information. Referral procedures suggesting letter formats to Chartered Physiotherapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopath, Chiropractors and GP’s.
  • Styles of teaching and stages of learning overview to enhance personal trainer skills.
  • Portfolio requirement documenting 1 or 6 Case Studies outlining 8 sessions per client (6 case studies for Matwork Masters Diploma) to include details of client’s postural assessment. The clients progress should be documented along with your observations, adaptations or
    alterations after the first session, fourth session and final session with a final conclusion. 
  • Introduction to or discussion of small Pilates Based Equipment (stability ball, small ball, Isotoner ring, resistance band and foam roller (based upon venue availability)
  • Observed teaching practice incorporating the new required skills elements of the work. Pilates Labs – an opportunity to do a consultation, postural assessment and take a client through an appropriate Pilates’ session under supervision.
  • Final practical assessment session at an agreed date and time or submission format with a verbal or written assessment for future development

Hours Summary

Self study, one client case study assessment & workbook completion 18 hours.
Teaching practice and self practice 30 hours.
Optional (required for Matwork Masters Diploma): a further 5 client case studies and associated paperwork 50 hours

Teacher Development - Basic 50 Hours / Masters 100 Hours