Understanding Multiple Sclerosis Workshop
+ 6 Hour Virtual Course

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis Workshop +6 Hour Virtual Course




This package includes:

  1. Understanding MS Online Workshop
  2. 6-Hour Virtual LIVE session with Mariska

This package is the best way to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis while also getting face to face time with the co-founder of The Neuro Studio, Mariska Breland, at a discount of $150. The Understanding MS Online workshop is self paced and are approved by the Nation Pilates Certification Program.

  • Understanding MS Online Workshop - 5 CEC's

Please note: You have full access to the workshop immediately through the log in you will create on The Neuro Studio. You will receive information about how to log into the 6-Hour Virtual Training with Mariska Breland in a separate email.

6-Hour Virtual LIVE session

Join Mariska Breland for a LIVE (via Zoom) overview of studio techniques to work with clients with neurological conditions.

We will discuss:

  1. Program design
  2. Primitive movements and their value for weak or neurologically impaired clients
  3. Considerations and exercises for clients using wheelchairs or other assistive devices
  4. Gait, strength, and balance training using Pilates apparatus for people with neurological conditions and injuries
  5. The use of various tools to get better results with neurological clients, including vibration plates and devices, kinesiotape, and other high- and low-tech ways to stimulate the sensory system (and why you want to add it to your sessions).
  6. Q&A

Workshop Content

  • About Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise
    • Understanding MS and Demyelination
    • Types of MS, Its Causes, Common Symptoms, and Contraindicati...
    • How to Design an Exercise Program for Persons with MS

  • Understanding and Working with Spasticity
    • Tone, Tightness, and Spasticity
    • Types of Stretching for Spasticity
    • Balance Problems in Multiple Sclerosis

  • Balance and MS
    • Testing Proprioception and Exercises to Improve It
    • Understanding and Exercising Coordination
    • Dizziness - When the Vestibular System is Affected

  • Weakness in MS
    • Weakness, Hemiparesis, and Strength Training in MS
    • Exercises for Single-Sided Weakness
    • Strengthening Exercises for the Legs
    • Foot Drop - One of MS's Most Insidious Problems
    • Foot and Ankle Exercises
    • Grip Strength
    • Core and Upper Back Strengthening

  • Walking Issues and Gait Training
    • Common Gait Problems in Multiple Sclerosis
    • Walking Exercises

  • Bladder and Bowel Issues in MS
    • Bladder and Bowel Issues in MS

  • Neuroplasticity to Work Around MS Damage
    • Neuroplasticity - How to Change the Brain
    • Exercises to Increase Neuroplasticity



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