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MK Pilates Handii

What is Handii?

Handii is a small piece of equipment that allows you to effectively train the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow to improve strength and dexterity, and to both prevent and recover from injury.

Handii brings the muscles of the forearm back into balance by strengthening the extensors of the wrist and forearm, as well as improving grip strength and mobility in this area. Working this group of muscles has a significant benefit for those suffering from elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel and repetitive strain issues by reducing pain and in some instances, eradicating this condition.

This patented product is crafted from carefully selected silicone and moulded into a circular shape. Handii comes in 4 colours, increasing from light to higher tensions and resistance strengths.

MK Pilates Programme

MK Pilates has developed a series of pre or post exercise mobility and stretch set exercises and present an option of a group class format for the introduction of Handii to all class levels and ages of participants.  Specifically suitable for sport people in discipline like tennis, golf, climbing or a person working many hours on a keyboard or a more mature adult looking to keep your strength and flexibility, Handii is the tool for you!

Included Content:

  • Breakdown of Combinations
  • Safety and Effective Teaching Skills
  • The Class Programme (3 Videos) and Music (6 Tracks)
  • Course Manual (64 pages)
  • Handii 4 Pack included in workshop. Shipping fulfilled by Handii Products (Please allow upto 14 days for delivery).

Handii Helps

  • Martial Arts
  • Health & Rehab
  • At Work
  • Sports
  • Climbing
  • Gaming

Once Certified: *

  • You will be able to deliver the MK Pilates Handii Programme class or any individual exercise included in this programme
  • Have a training manual, a license free Music and Class Programme specific to each class
  • You will be listed on the MK Pilates Web Site as a certified MK Pilates Handii instructor

* Please contact MK Pilates for information on how to get Certified.

Resistance Levels

(each color can also be doubled over to create extra resistance)

Yellow - Extra Light Resistance

Starting point for those with reduced range of motion or functionality; ideal for post-surgical rehabilitation or stroke patients

Red - Light Resistance

Ideal for physical therapy, as well as for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis

Green - Medium Resistance

More resistance for preventive care exercise; perfect for computer users and those who play a musical instrument

Blue - Heavy Resistance

For those who wish to further strengthen their grip, forearms and fingers; mountain climbers, weightlifters, golfers and other athletes

Once you purchase the online Workshop you will get access to any video content with the option to select any of the soundtrack languages indicated.

Access to the relevant written support content, such as Handbooks or Manuals, will come in the language of your country when available, otherwise it will be provided in English as default.

If you wish access to the support content in more than one language then please contact us directly from this website.

Watch in English
  • Workshop
  • Manual (65 Pages, A4)
  • Music (6 Tracks)
  • Manual (65 Pages, US Letter)
  • Handii 4 Pack included. Shipping fulfilled by Handii Products (Please allow upto 14 days for delivery).

Sample Of Handii Manual

Programme Details

Online Training Hours: 01:35:38


  • Malcolm Muirhead Malcolm Muirhead
  • Michael King Michael King