New York Workshop 2020

febbraio 07 - 09 2020 in New York, New York

Why this event:

Our goal is to help us all realise that there is more than one way to use the Method of Pilates. If we all share the goal of the original creator of this Method, which was to allow people to improve their quality of movement, health and general well being through the work, then we all honour the Method. First with Joseph and Clara and then with the teachers that have followed and have brought their own knowledge, skills and experience, we have a Method that has enriched even further. The more we experience variety the more we realise we have more similarities than differences even with our varied styles and content. So, with this content filled weekend you have the opportunity to experience three different styles of teaching, with three different perspectives.

Let the combination of Robert Kirschenbaum, Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt and Michael King & Malcolm Muirhead stimulate you in new ways to think about your teaching, your practice, and your body as something that can handle change and learn from new experiences. Each one of them passionate about The Pilates Method and the body, the body of the client that is in front of them and any teacher of Pilates they have the honour of working with.

Let Roberta, with her varied experiences with different teachers and mentors of her own Pilates practice, show you how to treat every client with a personal touch that meets the needs of the diverse clients that walk into our classes and studios. With a foundation of study with Carola Trier and then going on to experience people like Kathy Grant, Naji Cori and Romana Kryszanowski and their diverse ways of presenting the work, she will give you an experience that shares with you her passion and knowledge of Pilates and the body.

Michael and Ton are internationally recognized Pilates presenters, educators, consultants and innovators with over 25 years’ experience in the fitness industry. They believe that Pilates is both an Art and a Science. It is an Art because it requires ability in execution and it is a Science because it is based on a systematic theory. It is this systematic theory, with concepts and principles, that is the common thread in all approaches, traditional and evolved.
Michael and Ton both worked with Romana Kryzanowska, one of Joseph Pilates’ protégés, for over 10 years in New York City where they were Teacher Trainers for her original international Pilates certification program. Since 1996, Michael and Ton have collaborated specializing in the Pilates method giving their many innovative programmes and doing a fantastic job at promoting Pilates in the media. They have also collaborated with a wide range of Physical Therapists to integrate the Pilates method into patient-based therapy programs.

Michael and Ton are devoted to the art of the Pilates method and embrace all approaches of the method. They believe Pilates is a concept and philosophy and the exercises are the concepts and philosophy in motion. What a biography does not tell you is how inspiring educators they are and working with a shared depth of knowledge and common goal to educate, they give you a light and fun filled journey into new understanding and experiences in both your body and the Method of Pilates.

Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead have collaborated for 20 years in the development of their teacher training programmes all around the world. With their shared goal of making Pilates accessible to all walks of life and types of people, they have developed a style of their own in the presentation of Pilates. It is firmly rooted in the traditional work of Pilates but has embraced with enthusiasm, the modern knowledge that is being developed all the time in the way the human body functions and how best to get specific results, that can now help to lay down the foundation of the goals of the Pilates method into the body and mind.

Michaels path with Pilates began over 40 years ago as a young dancer and he was quickly teaching it and then shortly after running his own equipment studio in London. His world was expanded from his strong foundations with his original teacher Alan Herdman, when he was given the opportunity by Houston Ballet to run their Adult Programming in Pilates and general health for the company and the public. It is here that he was given the chance to experience the work of many of the original students of Joseph Pilates and saw the wonderful variety of interpretations that already existed that had grown from the experiences of those original students and clients of Joseph Pilates. With a passion for teaching and having fun doing it he has worked continuously to help move the Pilates community forward and to gain recognition of the Pilates Method as a respected profession and Method outside of the Pilates World and to bring unity and standards of education within the Pilates world.

Malcolm has been teaching Pilates for 20 years but he found himself working with adult education from his early 20’s and eventually was working in The City of London when first introduced to Pilates by Michael King in 1999. A passionate educator and detail freak he fell in love with the Method of Pilates and those people both practicing and teaching Pilates. Very quickly he was inspired by the feedback and rewards experienced by both clients and the teachers that Michael was training to make a career change himself into the Health and Fitness world and together with Michael formed a comprehensive teacher training programme. A natural developer and driving force for quality, in 2002 he helped facilitate the process that meant their course was adopted by the accreditation body Oxford Cambridge RSA (OCR) as their National standard for the Pilates Technique in 2002 (OCR Level 2-Pilates Based Matwork). This was significant in that it was the first nationally accredited examination worldwide. Along with Michael he continues to try to drive the journey towards standards of education and teacher training accountability to help the public become more educated about the method and all it offers. Along the way he has developed his own teaching style of intensity with contrasting fun as he is a great believer that you learn best with laughter and desire to be the best you can be.

Together Michael and Malcolm, especially when teaching together, create an energy and enthusiasm for the principle and goals of Pilates that will engage you and stimulate your own passions and creativity to enhance your own practice and teaching.


Malcolm Muirhead

Malcolm Muirhead

Michael Fritzke

Michael Fritzke

Michael King

Michael King

Roberta Rose Kirschenbaum

Roberta Rose Kirschenbaum

Ton Voogt

Ton Voogt

Important Information

  • This is an event only fee. Flights and accommodation are not included in the fee.

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