Cecile LeMoine Bankston

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I began taking Pilates in 1983 at the Houston Ballet. Pilates was and is a wonderful companion to ballet training. I took in order to become a better dancer.

I started teaching Pilates in 1993. I had been taking Pilates all through my dance career and was kind of apprentice teaching at a studio in Houston. When I was ready to retire and move back to Louisiana ( my home state), I found that there were no pilates teachers in Louisiana! Since Pilates was my second passion along with dance, I decided I wanted to get certified so that I could continue teaching, and sharing my passion with others.

First and foremost my life has been so enriched by the incredible teachers that I have had the good fortune to study with. Most importantly Joseph Pilates’ students, Eve Gentry, Ron Fletcher, Kathy Grant and Lolita San Miguel, and of course Michael and Malcolm. Beyond that, it has been so incredibly rewarding to see my clients progress and in many cases literally change their lives. I cannot believe I get paid to do something I love so much.

I worked for quite a few years with the largest Physical Therapy group in my city. We got several of the therapists certified and I worked closely with them, and then opened a Pilates studio that was part of the Physical therapy clinic, where they would send patients after they were discharged. I have worked with college level athletes ( the Louisiana State University Football team, and tennis team), and professional athletes. Finally I work with many pre and post natal students.