Patricia Issitt

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I was an established group fitness instructor and fitness teacher trainer when I attended my first Pilates class in 1999. From the start I loved this way of moving which took me back to 'limbering up' at my dance classes when I was a teenager. I absolutely fell in love with the method, it was intelligent and thoughtful, I loved the quiet precision of the work. Of course, there was a lot more to discover!

I decided to train to teach Pilates in 2000. I did some research and after talking to several schools I opted to train with Michael King. I was attracted by the openness and freedom to study at my own pace, the richness of the comprehensive programme of study and I loved the sense of Pilates community that I found with Michael's school. I began by teaching group classes in York and opened York Pilates Space in 2004.

Once I started immersing myself in the Pilates method I moved away from teaching general fitness. There is such a lot to learn, understand and study about Pilates and the human body that I am never bored with what I do. I feel privileged to help my clients improve their health and wellbeing. Being involved with Pilates has led to door after door being opened to me, there is always a new question to ask, a new area to study. My passion has built a successful business and of course, I learn the most from teaching my clients and studying how they move.

Alongside teaching some of the everyday group mat and equipment classes at my studio I collaborate with two physiotherapy clinics, receiving referrals for rehabilitation programmes. Besides post-operative rehabilitations I also work with pre/post natal clients and specific neuropathic disorders such as Parkinson's disease. I have built a reputation for Pilates for special populations, working with people with conditions such as arthritis, spinal pathologies and osteoporosis. Working with clients with demanding physical problems led me to train as a myofascial therapist with the College of Bowen Studies. I am always open to the next challenge and and welcome any study which supports my understanding of anatomy and movement.