Basia Trylska-Nowakowska

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I started doing Pilates many years ago... nearly 30 years ago, before I even knew it was Pilates! First I worked as an instructor in fitness industry, but then I discovered that what I want to do the most is Pilates.

I started my Pilates education with Michael King's Method and I went through the complete MK PIlates courses, both Mat and Apparatus. First I was working as a Pilates teacher in several places in my city. Then In 2011 I opened my own Flow Studio Pilates in Krakow, Poland, offering both group classes and private sessions. My studio is fully equiped with Pilates apparatus. In 2012 Michael King asked me to become MK Pilates representative and a tutor in Poland. In 2013 I started delivering MK Pilates courses in Poland.

Wanting to develop my knowledge about the Pilates Method I started in 2015 2-year Pilates Master Mentor Program with Lolita San Miguel (Pilates Elder), in 2016 I was graduated and became a Second Generation Pilates Teacher.

I work mainly with adults and I really appreciate working with older people