Pilates & the Equestrian: A Unique Combination

Pilates & the Equestrian: A Unique Combination

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Join Michael and Julie in this discussion where they look at equestrian sports. With a horse and rider, you have two species with their own individual asymmetries and biomechanics combining together in partnership. In order to get the best from this partnership communication between horse and rider needs to be clear, quiet, calm and precise.

This communication begins with the riders seat, their legs and their hands and body weight. Some riders would say minds too, but for the purpose of this article we are focusing on the physical aspect of this relationship.

When a partnership is perfectly in sync, riding appears smooth and effortless. The rider appears almost weightless in the saddle and the horse gait is fluid and unhindered by the rider. This synchronicity takes years of practice and a depth of horsemanship skills.

With Pilates we can begin this journey of developing our riders and helping them to find this deep and rewarding relationship with their horse.


Julie Driver

Julie is a passionate believer in the power of Pilates and has been teaching for  twenty years

A ski accident in 2008 resulted in serious damage to her left leg.  Surgeons predicted a year long recovery and a permanent limp. Using the expert guidance of her teachers, complemented by her own knowledge of Pilates and the apparatus, Julie was walking unaided and without a limp within less than 9 months.

Julie considers herself an eternal student of the method, continuing her own education with regular 1-1 lessons and studying with her own mentors. Her North London studio provides a learning environment that nurtures continued growth and progress for both Pilates teachers and Pilates enthusiasts.

In 2014 Julie won the prestigious international  ‘Pilates Anytime Instructor of the year” competition and continues to record online classes for them as a returning visiting Instructor.

With a lifelong passion for equine studies, Julie considers that Pilates is the perfect way for riders to improve their technique and create a stronger and deeper relationship with their horse. 

Julie presents workshops both in the UK and internationally.

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