Workshops On-Demand

Welcome to the online On-Demand workshops section of our website.

This sections content is expanding all the time as we prepare and upload many of our historical events so please keep visiting it regularly to see what we have added.

We believe that nothing can duplicate the face to face interaction with a course tutor or fellow students that you can get by attending an event, as the interaction you gain is immediate and specific. Having said that however, many of the courses, workshops and class programmes that we offer can easily be adapted to this medium. The advantages are clear: you can view the content multiple times, on different devices, and at your leisure; you do not have to cancel work or incur extra costs for travel and/or accommodation. As an additional bonus we will be working with our International Training Centres to create foreign language audio for as much as the video content as we can to assist our international students.

This Workshops section holds any workshops and online training programmes that we offer in this On-Demand format. We will always be delivering our main courses in the traditional course formats, as they form the foundation of each Certification and Diploma, but even here we will be adding more and more additional online video support content to bring added extras to your experience with the MK Pilates Educational Events.

Along with the familiar programmes such as Barre and Spirals we will be adding some specific subject designed to enhance your knowledge such as small equipment like the Sveltus® Elastiband, Partner Pilates, Postural Assessment Workshops and other training materials.
If you have attended any training or other events with us in the past, then send us the details and where there is any video content to compliment the event then we will happily give you full permanent access to that content.

For purchased workshops or events access to this portion of any of your video training or support materials will become available automatically once you have attended the training date you have registered for. For further information please feel free to contact us either by email or calling us directly.
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T : +44 (0)20 7097 1454