MK Pilates Wunda Chair Course

MK Pilates Wunda Chair Course

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MK Pilates Wunda Chair Course introduces you to the MK Pilates Repertoire on the chair as well as how to introduce the equipment to a new client. The Wunda Chair was created in 1945 by Joseph Pilates, the creator of the Pilates method and was as the first functional home use apparatus, as it is able to convert into a regular chair. Today it is one of the main pieces of equipment to be found in a fully equipped Pilates Equipment Studio and also today you can find group classes being taught on this great piece of equipment.

With the MK Pilates we focus on choosing the best movements for our clients and when you add this equipment to your studio you are offered more movements to choose from.  As always when you have chosen your programme its then about teaching the correct execution of the method and recognising the different learning styles of each client.

It is important you understand the Matwork Method of Pilates to really benefit from this programme and part of this course will refresh the foundations of the method.

As we any new piece of equipment your own practice is important and with both our Face to face Blended Courses and Online Distance Course we offer support materials to help you learn.

Training (Distance Learning)

With our distance learning programme, you receive all the same materials as the Face to Face tutor lead training day courses but you have the option to work in your own time through the content and practice as much as you want or need to.

If you then wish to be assessed, you simply follow the video assessment submission procedure.  You will then receive feedback on your submission and when successful you will receive your certificate.

After purchasing distance learning you are always welcome to also purchase and attend a Face to Face training day where you will be able to direct questions to the tutor. Click here to view our Face to Face - Workshop Dates

Included Content:

  • Overview of the Course
  • Client Induction and Introduction to the Chair
  • Course Workbook
  • MK Pilates Wunda Chair Repertoire
  • Support Video Materials
  • Safety and Effective Teaching Skills
  • Certificate of Achievement *
  • (Face to Face) Evaluation on the day made by the tutor.
  • (Distance Learning) Requires video submission which will incur an additional assessment fee.

* Certificate of Achievement. If you wish to receive this certificate, then there are two opportunities for assessment.


Matwork Certification, (MK Pilates: Completion of Matwork Stage One or equivalent)

Support Materials

  • Support videos will available in you MK Pilates account
  • Student Handbook and Workbook provided as downloadable PDF files to print at your convenience but required to be accessed either digitally or in printed format during your Face to Face tutor time.
  • The Handbook displays versions of the movements with note pages for your completion. 
  • The Workbook holds the Assessment Questions.  It is recommended you familiarise yourself with this material prior to attendance wherever possible.


MK Pilates Matwork Part 01 attended or completed or appropriate equivalent training.

Once Purchased:

After you have purchased your programme you have the option to submit an assessment to complete the course certification.


The suggested period for the completion of the is one month from completion of the course.

You have one year to successfully complete all assessment process after which MK Pilates reserve the right to request attendance of elements of the course and may apply charges for this and any re-assessments after the one-year period is over.

If a Michael King Pilates multiple choice theory paper has not been completed you may be asked to complete this at another agreed time to achieve your certification. As every situation is individual your Training Centre or Tutor will be able to discuss this with you but MK Pilates Administration will make the final decision as to whether the paper is required.  This element covers general Anatomy and Physiology areas to a Health and Fitness entry level standard of knowledge.

You have the option of a practical exam where you are required to show a session with a client of 30 minutes using the chair in all positions.

NOTE: the assessment can be worked on consecutively with the assessment processes for any other MK Pilates courses. This is an assessment of One to One application of knowledge.

Wunda Chair Online Workshop: How to Use Online Materials

Malcolm explains how with our distance learning materials you are able to work at your own pace learning the MK Pilates Repertoire


Videos Introduction to Combo Chair

Malcolm shows the differences between the Wunda Chair and Combo Chair, explaining how function of the pedal and springs work. Also how resistance varies for each exercises and each client’s needs. The support handles also offers help for the clients but also can be used to cheat doing the movements. Portable chairs come with wheels which allow you to move the chair around your studio.


Wunda Chair Online Introduction & Client Induction

Malcolm introduces the workshop and how the Wunda Chair fits into the system of Pilates. Use of the springs and how to set the correct spring tension. Also, how to create the best space for the use of the chair.


With the client Induction Malcolm shows how to introduce the chair to the client and how to show the client how to adjust the springs. Also, how to safely get on and off the chair with the springs loaded


Correct alignment is important and correct sitting position is important. Also, how to stand correctly on top of the chair using the arm supports or with the help of the instructor. Also, with different chairs from the equipment companies and also different clients bodies how working over the chair can be done with good benefits.


Wunda Chair Online Workshop Repertoire Part One

Malcolm teaches the first part of The MK Repertoire

  • Foot Series Done
  • Variations Done
  • Forward Stretch Done
  • Forward Stretch With Rotation
  • Forward Stretch With Heel Lift
  • Forward Stretch Over
  • Mounted Reach Done
  • Cat
  • Forward Press
  • Swan Dive Floor
  • Press Up Reverse
  • Side Reach Kneeling
  • Seated Side Reach Done
  • Tricep Press Done
  • Triceps Press Bar
  • Plié Front Done
  • Plié Back Done


Wunda Chair Online Workshop Repertoire Part Two

Malcolm teaches the second part of The MK Repertoire

  • Part Two Repertoire
  • Push Up Single Arm
  • Push Up Floor
  • Push Up Side
  • Spine Stretch Floor
  • Teaser Press
  • Leg Press Front
  • Leg Press Side
  • Leg Press Back Supported
  • Leg Press Back
  • Side Raises
  • Side Raises with Scissors
  • Side Raises with Hip Extension and Opposite Spine Rotation
  • Side Rotation Press
  • Frog Press


Wunda Chair Online Workshop Repertoire Part Three

Malcolm leads you through the third part of the Mk Pilates Wunda Chair Repertoire Programme

  • Hamstring Press
  • On Top Leg Press Back
  • On Top Leg Press Side
  • Spine Stretch Through
  • Spine Stretch Back
  • Spine Stretch 3 Single Leg
  • Side Stretch
  • Side Stretch Leg Raised
  • Frogs Front
  • Frogs Back


Introduction to the MK Method

Malcolm introduces the MK Method and explains how with our traditional background, teaching the original goals created by Joseph Pilates we use new research on how the body works and MK Pilates applies that new information into our teaching.

Malcolm also talks through the Pilates principles and how we apply each of those six principles in our unique way. Looking at how also the environment affects our sessions and also how your own voice can help and distract the clients. Our goal is to respect the original method and movements but we aim is to provide teaching skills which allows you to expand your own teaching experience.

Once you purchase the online Workshop you will get access to any video content with the option to select any of the soundtrack languages indicated.

Access to the relevant written support content, such as Handbooks or Manuals, will come in the language of your country when available, otherwise it will be provided in English as default.

If you wish access to the support content in more than one language then please contact us directly from this website.

Watch in English
  • Wunda Chair Manual
  • Online Workshop Videos
  • Wunda Chair Course Recordings March 2021
  • Student Workbook - Wunda Chair

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Online Training Hours: 04:32:03


  • Malcolm Muirhead Malcolm Muirhead