Why choose MK Pilates?

Why should I choose MK Pilates as my training provider?

The course developers and tutors at MK Pilates have many years’ experience teaching clients as well as training teachers in all aspects of fitness, dance, and Pilates.  This vast and varied experience allows the tutors to understand and empathise with students from all walks of life.  The programme is internationally recognised as quality comprehensive training that applies the latest scientific evidence with regard to exercise science and research to the classical repertoire.  The programme was created in 1999 and since then we have been trained 1000’s of students Worldwide.  We have a rigorous assessment process that defines proof of learning as a competent teacher as well as theoretical knowledge.  MK Pilates training programme is comprehensive; working with both the Matwork and the Pilates Studio equipment.  

Because we have a long history of teaching and teacher training, our company understand the need to support students throughout their learning experience and beyond.  A student can be assured of our full attention before they begin their course, with advice and direction as to their best choices and any processes required prior to attendance, and also during their training, not only when they are in attendance but between modules should they need additional assistance to clarify information received on the module.  Once students have completed their training, our whole team at MK Pilates are here to help with any career or educational development advice.

As a company MK Pilates is dedicated to helping our student achieve their best results in a way that fits their learning style and timeframe.  We make the same commitment to the student that we ask them to make to their educational path.  Our goal is to create confident, knowledgeable and open teachers who communicate the method and are continually developing their Pilates and teaching skills.


Reasons to train with us...

  1. Nearly 40 years’ teacher training experience with the Pilates technique and the Fitness Industry.
  2. Fully experienced in Matwork and Pilates studio equipment, group sessions as well as personal training so all mediums are covered with the depth required to fully understand the Pilates Method and achieve the desired results with your client.
  3. Professional and friendly course facilitators with both depth of knowledge and teaching skills along with industry experience.  Every course facilitator is continually updated and supported to ensure you are always getting the best and most current information possible from their teaching.
  4. A flexible training system – with our comprehensive programmes you can choose the pace of your training and the level and direction you wish to take your education.  We also provide extensive online materials to compliment your knowledge based and to be used as reminders of your educational events.
  5. Affordability – Our programmes are delivered in various formats so there are options for how to plan your budget and you can start earning an income from completion of the very first Matwork course – our Stage 01 certification.
  6. Our training and brand is recognised internationally as one of the most solid and comprehensive programmes out there.
  7. We meet the needs of both experienced teachers of Pilates or group movement instructors as well as those taking a completely new career path with our focus on knowledge base and teaching skills.
  8. Personal attention and ongoing support before, during and after your training.
  9. MK Pilates programmes are developed and continually updated with a full respect for the history of the Method but with the application of the latest knowledge of the best internationally accepted anatomy and physiology practices.



For our students we want to push the learning curve not only by giving as much information as we can during the training experience but also by asking in return that our students commit to the pathways and processes of training and the training programme.  We work together in a committed relationship to achieve your goals.

Inspire and be inspired.  The Pilates technique offers a rich tapestry with many varied ways to train the body.  We are inspired by the method to create teachers and for the clients to also be inspired to bring the Pilates Method into their daily practices.  With the MK Pilates training programme, we want to open the door for our students to the concept of responsibility and confidence to find their own creativity resulting in an industry professional with a high standard of ever developing knowledge.

You decide your goals and then we will guide you through the programme best suited to those goals and your needs. Whether you choose to train initially in Matwork or to fully train in both the Matwork and Studio Equipment Repertoire you will find everything you need to achieve your goals with the Pilates method.  We focus on finding the best fit for you by being very honest and clear about what it takes to complete the training and listening to your present commitments to see how they will influence influence your choices.  We want you to be confident that you are going to be able to achieve a successful result and as sometimes circumstances change so we will work with you to make amendments to your plans.

We have designed these courses to be as adaptable and versatile as possible to allow you to take what you need as you need it. This makes it possible for you to get started, gain experience and earn an income from the very first course you attend. Our goal is to create comprehensively trained instructors but using our modular programmes to facilitate learning as your existing commitments allows.  From the very first course or all the way to our Graduate Diploma and Post Graduate educations you set the schedule.


Pilates today works with guiding principles to help provide a structure to the Method.  We make sure you have a solid foundation in the anatomy, physiology and philosophy of each principle so you always know your teaching is based on solid factual foundations



Pilates was originally called Contrology by Joseph Pilates. We make sure you understand WHY.
Every movement and every moment is under your specific requirements for precision to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible timeframe.
From Joseph Pilates’s time to now we have learned so much about the body. He talked about ‘Centring’ and working from your ‘Powerhouse’. More recently we have got used to hearing the term ‘Core’. Let us help you understand the muscles of the centre and their function as we understand with the latest research today and then apply that to the principle of CENTRE.
A fundamental function of life but used in a specific way in Pilates during the exercises to help support and challenge your body as it gets to know the movements, the Method and its power. Just like CENTRE and PRECISION we teach the anatomy and the use of Breath as a tool in the Method.
Always a requirement when you worked with Mr. Pilates! Today we do everything to help you create the perfect environment to promote concentration which allows all the other principle to be more effective. This is where some people talk about relaxation or Mind, Body Spirit’ but we keep it very practical and accessible.
Fluid movement was always the goal of Pilates. A healthy body moves easily and with strength. We teach you how and why you need it to happen in every moment of your classes and sessions
No man is an island? Not true when it comes to Pilates as you are an individual and therefore need individual adaptations and variations. But also with MK Pilates we teach you how to work with isolation on an anatomical level as we build your physical foundations.
Not the most popular principle, that is until your body natural work with all the other principle in place. Learn how to help people make Pilates part of their daily habits and thoughts.