A Conversation with Julian Baker: The Psoas

A Conversation with Julian Baker: The Psoas

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The Psoas. As Julian will explain that in the many years he has been around therapists, one muscle keeps coming up over and over again when talking about assessment and treatment. Can we really touch the psoas through the layers that are in front of it?  If so, what do we think we’re doing and what do we think the psoas is doing in the first place? It’s a big subject and one that deserves longer than we’ve got, but this conversation is a starting point.


Julian Baker has been a Bowen Therapist for 25 years and a teacher of Bowen since 1994. The author of two books on Bowen, The Bowen Technique and Bowen Unravelled; A fascial explanation of The Bowen Technique, he is one of the world's leading experts on Bowen.

After studying with Gil Hedley, he has been studying fascial anatomy to better explain Bowen and as from this has led fascial dissection courses at Medical Schools throughout the UK and coordinates and co-teaches the Gil Hedley six day integral anatomy class.

His writing and presentations attempt to present complex subjects simply and in language that is easy to understand and follow and as a result he is regularly asked to speak and lecture around the world. His Functional Fascia company teaches fascial theory and dissection.

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