A Conversation with Johnathan Grubb: Origins of Pilates: The Method and the Myths

A Conversation with Johnathan Grubb: Origins of Pilates: The Method and the Myths

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Join Michael and Jonathan as they talk about the teachers who came before the teachers who we now know as the Elders. Johnathan will share what he has discovered about these missing teachers, where they taught, and how as we continue to learn more about the early development of the Pilates method.

Jonathan Grubb is a Pilates teacher who has lived on the Isle of Man since he was two years old. His great grandfather Jakob Grub was interned on the Isle of Man in the same internment camp as Joseph Pilates.
In his younger days, Jonathan was a keen amateur sportsman and particularly excelled at football, representing the Isle of Man in international games until an anterior cruciate ligament injury ended his football days.
Jonathan became an advanced instructor for several years in the Wu family style of tai chi chuan before discovering Pilates.

It was Jonathan’s passion for the Pilates method together with his link to the Knockaloe Camp via his great-grandfather that inspired him to start researching missing links and background information which has resulted in him uncovering much previously unknown history of Joseph Pilates and his 3.5 years on the Isle of Man during World War 1.

Jonathan’s Facebook page which has brought together so much of the history of Pilates: both the man and the method, is Joseph’s Legacy - Pilates 100 +

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