A Conversation with Hana Jones : The Pilates Journey

A Conversation with Hana Jones : The Pilates Journey

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Join Michael as he talks with Hana about her journey in the method and her guidelines for instructors who are learning the method and also teaching. Hana has the gift of bringing about changes in the body on many levels in the simplest way; feeling by looking and listening, through her touch, and with carefully chosen words. It’s not just about the choreography of the exercises but more about the principles that underpin the exercises and the application of those principles. Some of the smallest changes and adjustments made in class create a massive shift in the body and mind-set. Her work leaves you with a renewed energy, a commitment to further personal and professional development, and enhanced confidence in your teaching. 


Hana Jones was first introduced to Pilates in 1977 and began her teaching apprenticeship with Gordon Thomson in 1982. She has trained many teachers throughout her career and is currently involved in various training programmes throughout the country while still maintaining a small private practice in London. 

The influence of Hana Jones in the Pilates world is huge, not just because she has been integral in the training of many teachers in this country and abroad, but also because her work resonates with so many of us today. Her teaching always comes from the same place, deeply rooted in the fundamentals of the Pilates Method and out of her 43 years of experience teaching this work. 

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