Supplementary Modules
Functional Anatomy Programmes



5 Programmes - 8 Hours Each

Teacher Development - Total 40 Hours

Functional Anatomy

These courses take an in-depth look at the different areas of the body looking at healthy function of each area. The courses are a combination of lectures, demonstrations and group activities to teach basic anatomy fundamentals. There is a focus on anatomical terminology, which includes anatomical position, planes of motion, types of movement, names and locations of the majority of the bones in the body, locations and actions of joints, major muscle groups and the individual muscles’ origin insertion and action. Select exercises from the MK Pilates repertoire are also broken down and analysed in terms of the functional anatomy at play. Participants will deepen their understanding of the body and enhance their teaching with improved exercise selection and programming.

What you will learn

  • Anatomical position and the importance of it
  • The bones that make up the axial and appendicular skeleton
  • Names and locations of bony prominences and landmarks
  • Terms of direction and relationship and their application to movement
  • Types of joints and the movements available at the joints
  • Types of muscular contractions including the application of force
  • Origin, insertion and action of muscles
  • Application of functional anatomy to chosen exercises and movements

Clinical Posture
Functional Anatomy

Supplementary Modules - Functional Anatomy - Clinical Posture

Postural assessment is important in order to design a specific programme to meet individual needs of clients. Clinical Postural Assessment will look in detail at alignment. Muscle Length Testing will be an important part of this day. Issues affecting posture will be explored. You will learn how to assess posture and reason how to address the issues you find to a personalised programme.

Shoulder Girdle and Neck
Functional Anatomy

Supplementary Modules - Functional Anatomy - Shoulder Girdle and Neck

This one day event comprises one half day for each topic lthough there will be some crossover. The day will cover the structure and function of the Shoulder girdle and Neck. Anatomy and Physiology together with common problems associated to this area. Some discussion will take place relating information to Michael King Pilates Method.

Sacroiliac and Hip
Functional Anatomy

Supplementary Modules - Functional Anatomy - Sacroiliac and Hip

A one day event looking at the structure and function of the Sacroiliac and Hip joints. Common problems associated with these two areas will be discussed along with the Anatomy and Physiology of the joints. This is a very important area for the Michael King Pilates Method – it is important that a firm understanding of this area of the body is shown.

Knee and Foot
Functional Anatomy

Supplementary Modules - Functional Anatomy - Knee and Foot

This is a one day event studying the structure and function of the knee and foot. The anatomy and physiology of the two areas will be covered and common problems associated with them will be explored. These areas are relevant to posture and stability and an understanding of the working order will help when assessing clients.

Healthy Back
Functional Anatomy

Supplementary Modules - Functional Anatomy - Healthy Back

This is a one-day course. Learn about the common causes of back pain and the strategies to educate your clients to minimise back problems. Using current research you will learn to adapt Pilates based Matwork movements to help your clients improve their Backcare. On completion of the course, you will be awarded the Michael King Pilates Certificate of Attendance for Healthy Back & Pilates.