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november 01 - 30 2021 Online


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Michael King has been teaching Pilates for 40 years and was trained traditionally but has created his unique method by taking the latest evidence-based research and then he and Malcolm Muirhead applied it to the Pilates technique. Using the original goals of the method he believes the technique must be adapted to 'best fit' the needs of the individual client or class participants whether working with the Matwork or Equipment repertoires. Michael's strong belief is that we must see the technique as a training method to compliment other modes of fitness and rehabilitation tools without having to compromise on any of the stated goals of Joseph Pilates himself.

Pilates taught correctly can teach you to train your local stabilising muscles before training your global muscles, which traditionally are more commonly target in isolation in the fitness environment. Applying local muscles to stabilise and assist global training can add a new intensity to any strength work. But with any application of the technique or the many variations of the Pilates exercises the Principles always apply.


Michael and Malcolm will teach a Pilates Class with the focus on clear, defined movements form the standard repertoire.  Of course, with their own teaching styles!


Michael and Malcolm will include the small equipment into the class.  The pieces of equipment will be identified within your MK Account where you obtain the ZOOM codes each week to join the classes.


Michael and Malcolm will introduce new options of how to present the Method or brings concepts from other modalities of movement such as dance, stretch etc. to enhance and compliment your Pilates.


The week for a bit of everything from the previous weeks.  If small equipment is being introduced these will be identified within your MK Account where you obtain the ZOOM codes each week to join the classes.


MK Pilates Barre Programme is a license-free group movement workout combining exercises inspired by Ballet and Pilates and Stretch Classes and repertoires.
The movements focus on alignment, conditioning and stretch. This program is for everybody and combines Pilates, and Ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles – without the impact and injuries dancers often have to endure. The other equally important aspect of Barre is the mental and physical focus it demands while, at the same time, you are having a fun.


MK Pilates Spirals Programmes is a license-free group movement class set to inspiring and motivating music chosen specifically for each individual section. This program is for everybody incorporating choreography that is designed to focus on specific styles of both dynamic stretching and stability challenge. The movements focus on conditioning and stretch to create a toned, flexible and efficient body. This program is for everybody and combines Pilates and stretch moves to give you the satisfaction of feeling you are challenging yourself. Using the music to motivate and guide you will get results while having fun.

Important Information

If you wish to just attend just 1 class or 5 classes at a time then you are more than welcome to do so by a specific purchase.  All we ask is that you commit too specific dates so Michael or Malcolm know who will be attending class.

NOTE - Standard terms & conditions apply and a 24 hour cancellation policy is applied.  Any cancellation request less that 24 hour before commencement of the class or a failure to login/attend is classed has taken.

Each week we will put the codes for classes in your MK Pilates Account account under the support material of the event and you will need the Zoom application, so if you do not have this you should use this link to download it

If you miss any classes they will be put each day into your MK Account under Training/My Events/Streaming Classes 2-3 business days after the live event.

How do I sign up?

Stage 1.  Click on the Buy Now button on this page, make sure if you are a current Training Room Member your discount will be applied.

Stage 2.  If you have not already got and MK Pilates Account on our site you will be asked to activate one by creating a password.  When you then LOG IN you will then be prompted to accept our Terms & condition and Data Privacy statements.

Stage 3.  You can then immediately access all the previous classes which we have recorded and put into the event.  To access these go-to TRAINING, then click MY EVENTS.  Enter the event and you will see all the classes.

Stage 4.  For the live classes, the access code to use in ZOOM.US. will be in your event in your MK Account under the support material

Stage 5.  If you haven't already downloaded the free application ZOOM.US then you will need to do that.

Stage 6.  Join the meeting before the class starts and enjoy the class.


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