Matwork Stage 02
Intermediate & Advanced Movement


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This programme is designed to introduce you to the original Pilates repertoire of over 34 movements along with the MK Pilates modifications and variations. The goal is to create a larger body of work to enable you to move your fundamental group Matwork clients toward a more challenging traditional repertoire whilst still adhering to the Michael King Method protocols.

We learn the movements, transition, appropriate stretching and class formatting. For each movement, we develop a difficulty rating together, allowing us to more easily design the class format for the appropriate level of a group. The course also involves homework and a focus on teaching skills, knowledge of the body, and self practice. This is not a physical test however; the aim is to help you understand what areas of your own technique and teaching practice needs attention while demonstrating the teaching skills appropriate to the level of class you would be expected to be able to teach after completing the course.

Hours Summary

Foundation Diploma

Standard Diploma

3 Days: 24 lecture hours,
4 Days: 32 lecture hours,
Self-Study, Assessment, Essay and Workbook Completion 38 Hours,
Self-Study, Assessment, Essay and Workbook Completion 38 Hours,
Self-practice - class attendance - 20 hours

Self-practice - class attendance - 20 hours

Teacher Development - Total 82 Hours Teacher Development - Total 90 Hours

Matwork Certificate
valid for 2 years with a requirement for ongoing education to maintain verification with 14 hours Teacher Development Hours each 2 year period. (When enrolled on Diploma Course and actively attending the courses your certificate will be renewed once automatically.)
Foundation Diploma:   Some centres have a delivery format that has less Face to Face time due to local considerations.  When this occurs, the extra hours can be accrued through attendance of additional educational events in the subsequent months and years to qualify for a Standard Diploma.  Typically, a Foundation Diploma has less observed practice time and fewer tutor led group classes but educational content is not excluded.

Course Content

Course Content

  • Face to Face Tutor Time – 32 hours
  • Breakdown of the full Matwork repertoire of 36 movements
  • Review of the foundation anatomy and movement levels as presented in Matwork Part One
  • Review and practical experience with the differences between contemporary and more traditional variations of the movements to better allow appropriate movement selection.
  • Muscular initiation and sequencing to allow full teaching analysis to all levels.
  • Visual skills, looking for proper execution of the exercises.
  • Verbal skills, looking at how to communicate effectively for more dynamic and intricate movement choices.
  • Introduction to the stretching principles and how to incorporate stretching into a class format.
  • Observed teaching practice incorporating the new elements of the work.
  • Introduction of alternative class formats and class planning.
  • Overview of screening, marketing and the goals of Intermediate and Advanced class formats.

Support Materials

  • Video: Online streaming through your MK Pilates account you will have the movements and their standard modifications or adaptations, and supporting video tutorials for The MK Pilates Method and the Principles of Pilates.
  • Written Materials: Your handbook will present the movements to all levels with images of all the standard movement, the MK Pilates modifications and variations and suggested alternatives and added extras that can be offered.  Your workbook includes pages for your lesson plans and other written assessment requirements.
  • The student Handbook and Workbook provided as downloadable PDF files to print at your convenience but required to be accessed either digitally or in printed format during your Face to Face tutor time.



Due to the nature of this course covering multiple levels you will find the assessment process has been divided into two distinct levels – Intermediate and Advanced.  There will be no assessment of either a client or you as a practitioner of Pilates at an advanced level.

Intermediate Assessment Video

  • Video of a New Intermediate Level class (1 hour) minimum 5 class participants.
  • Video of your own self-practice executing the same class plan as class video. (you may adapt or modify as needed for your own skill level or physical limitations at the time of recording the video of your self-practice.

Intermediate Assessment Paperwork:

Workbook pages for completion and submission including:

  • Marketing text promoting new improver/intermediate class. No design or special formatting is required for this content.
  • Lesson plan for intermediate class video
  • Self-evaluation of intermediate class video
  • Self-evaluation of own appropriately levelled (safe) intermediate practice video

Advanced Assessment Paperwork:

Workbook pages for completion and submission including:

  • Written evaluation of 3 Advanced Moves (allocated after attendance of Part Two education days).
  • Essay of 2,000-2,500 words on the history of technique development including studio equipment, modern application and future potential goals. This should be personalised to show what brought you to Pilates, your current plans and your future ideas for your development and the development of Pilates.



Attendance or Completion of MK Pilates Matwork Part One or appropriate equivalent training.  Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions about these pre-requisites.

Course Dates

Course Dates

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Language Summary

English with Bulgarian translation


Malcolm Muirhead

Malcolm Muirhead


26 - 29 septembre 2019 (4 Days)


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