Custom Training

Course Introduction Video

Welcome to our new concept in educational programmes

Pilates Custom Training

This programme has been developed from a need we have seen arise from instructors who have trained with us and others who are already certified through other organisations and have teaching experience but finding it difficult or challenging to expand their skills as both teachers and in their personal practice working with existing educational programmes or events due to either time commitments, expense or both.

What we aim to achieve with our Custom Training is a bespoke solution where you can choose from different options from One to One online training, face to face training in one of our studios or we can come to you in your own facility.  You will be able to give us a proposal indicating ours or days of availability, method of training (online, face to face at your venue or coming to our location), timeframe, or budget along with your personal training goals.

We can then come back with a proposal for you with options as to the best way to proceed.

I hope that with offering this tailored system we can help you continue your career in Pilates in a positive and stimulating way.

Michael King