The Vital Knee Complex

The Vital Knee Complex


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The Vital Knee Complex online course is a must for any therapist or student in the field of sports therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, yoga, pilates and personal training.

You will learn 

In The Vital Knee Complex course, osteopath, author and respected bodywork specialist John Gibbons looks at one of the most neglected areas of the body: the knee joint. During the online course he will take you on a fascinating journey of enlightenment, teaching you to recognise pain and dysfunctional patterns that can arise from dysfunctions found within and also around the knee complex.

John will teach you functional anatomy and the biomechanics of the kinetic chain of the lower limb and the link to the knee complex and how dysfunction to distant sites of the body can cause pain to the knee region. Once that has been understood, he takes you on a fascinating journey to functionally assess the soft tissues, meniscus, collateral and cruciate ligaments as well as specific muscle length tests that can alter the biomechanics to the whole of the lower limb.

  • The knee is not a hinge joint, so what of type of joint is it classified as?

  • How does the hip joint cause knee pain? 

  • What taping techniques can be utilised for patellofemoral pain syndromes?

All these questions plus more are answered during this course

Key areas covered:

  • Functional Anatomy of the knee Complex
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndromes
  • How the hip joint relates to the knee complex
  • Function & testing of the Cruciate and Collateral ligaments and Meniscus
  • Muscle length tests: psoas, rectus femoris, addcutors, TFL
  • Treatment of the hypertonic muscles using specific modalities of MET
  • Demonstration of Muscle firing patterns for Gmax and Gmed
  • Gmax & Gmed and their relationship to the Knee Complex
  • McConnell & Kinesiology taping
  • Specific knee rehabilitation exercises

You’ll also learn how to identify specific soft tissue dysfunction and weakness within the musculo-skeletal system, and to harness powerful Muscle Energy Techniques (METs) and specific exercises to restore function and stability of the knee complex to your athletes and patients.

On completion of the course you will have the knowledge and practical experience necessary to identify, assess and treat specific pathologies and conditions found within the vital knee complex framework and perform a variety of techniques that will help promote normality.

The principles described can be incorporated very quickly and effectively into a treatment plan to assist in the rehabilitation of anyone recovering from injury.

The Bodymaster Method® is accredited by the Sports Therapy Organisation (STO)

What You’ll Learn : Theory

Key areas covered in this course: 

  • Functional Anatomy of the Knee Complex 
  • Muscles & Tendons associated to the Knee Complex 
  • Soft Tissue Injuries 
  • Bursa Injuries & Assessment 
  • Pathologies & Conditions of the Knee Complex 
  • Fractures & Dislocations of the Knee Joint 
  • Gluteal Muscles and their link to the Knee Complex 
  • Range of Motion Assessment & Swelling testing of the Knee 
  • Anterior Knee Pain & Assessment of the Patellofemoral joint 
  • Meniscal Injuries associated to the Knee Joint 
  • Cruciate Ligaments of the Knee Joint 
  • Collateral Ligaments of the Knee Joint 
  • Muscle Energy techniques and their relationship to the Knee Comple 
  • Kinesiology & Athletic Taping techniques 
  • Knee Stabilisation Exercises

What You’ll Learn : Practical

Key areas covered in this course: 

  • How to locate Bony Landmarks,  Ligaments, Muscles and Tendons of the Knee Complex 
  • Locate the Bursa associated to the Knee complex 
  • How to perform the Hip Extension and Hip Abduction firing pattern sequence 
  • How Pathology of the hip joint relates to Pain to the Knee complex 
  • How the Knee Complex Links to the Ankle & Foot 
  • Variation for Swelling Testing of the Knee Joint 
  • Muscle length tests:  Rectus Femoris, Hamstrings, Adductors & TFL 
  • Treatment of hypertonic muscles using specific modalities of MET 
  • Demonstration of the range of motion (ROM) for the knee - Active & Passive Tests 
  • Anterior & Posterior Cruciate Ligament Testing 
  • Medial & Lateral Collateral Ligament Tests - Valgus & Varus 
  • Resisted Testing of the Quadriceps & Hamstrings 
  • How to apply Kinesiology & Athletic Tape to the Knee Complex 
  • Specific Open & Closed Chain Exercises


Is the online course certified and accredited?

Yes, the course is accredited through the Sports Therapy Organisation (STO) and you will receive an Bodymaster Method® certificate on completion of the course.

Is this course all online?

Yes, you are able to complete the whole of this course all online, in your own time. All components of the course can be revisited at any time.

How long have I got to complete?

There is no specific deadline to completing the course. You have lifetime access - enjoy the lessons and take your time!

How many CPD points or hours will I receive?

This online course has 21 CPD points (21 hours).

Does this count towards the Bodymaster Method® Diploma?

Yes, it does!

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