Standing Pilates

MK Standing Pilates 

MK Standing Pilates Programme is a license free group movement workout combining exercises inspired by Ballet and Pilates and Stretch Classes and repertoires. 

In partnership with Stroops we bring you the slastix resistant bands which are a great tool to challenge the upper body whilst doing the movements . In this programme the movements focus on alignment, conditioning and stretch. This program is for everybody and combines some standing Pilates work, as well as some Ballet moves that work to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles – without the impact and injuries dancers often have to endure. 

The resistance from the bands added to this programme are used not only as a prop to help balance while doing exercises but also bring increased focus on alignment, general conditioning and stretch. This program is for everybody and if you can contact us for more information about the technical requirements of the installation of the bands.

Each class programme we develop offers new music and choreographic combinations and movements to work with.