Inspirations For Your Online Classes with Michael King

Inspirations For Your Online Classes with Michael King

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Join Michael King on this catch up sesion from his live Zoom meeting on the Friday 10th April.

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to grow and maintain their online class following.

We suggest and share thoughts, experiences, and ideas to help give you the tools to make sure your classes are the best they can be. We advise you on some of the ways to master the technical side of this new world we have found ourselves in.  

It has been a virtual revolution forced upon many of us in the way we interact with our customers and how we run our businesses as Pilates Teachers.  So here at MK Pilates, we want to support you in making sure your classes and sessions are the best they can be without having to go through all the trial and error process that many of us have already experienced. 

There has never been a better time to reflect on our teaching practices and get some new inspiration with both creative and 'back to basics' ideas. The key to cracking this new era is all about communicating your goals for your clients, sharing your and knowledge and experience in new ways, motivating your client both during and between sessions, and ensuring you have systems and plans on how you are going to maintain, or better yet, improve your client retention.

With the world of the technical mastered, it’s all about thinking ahead and striking that balance between something which is fun and new but also maintains all of the quality you want while you can’t teach them in person. Whether you’re teaching live or recording classes to upload later, we’ll share our hints and tricks to turning this into a positive time in your teaching career.

Finally, we discuss how you navigate the process of pricing and collection of fees.


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