Let's Talk Strength vs Stability with Nuala Coombs

Let's Talk Strength vs Stability with Nuala Coombs

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The two main elements in our daily lives STRENGTH:  The ability for muscles to create force STABILITY; the ability for joints and muscles to resist load to develop good positioning (alignment). Strength and Mobility naturally develop after stability.
Join me to discuss how we can best create programmes to help our clients achieve their best results with classes to enable them to build a foundation from which their body
can move efficiently.

Since 1979 Nuala has been teaching movement - Aerobics ( a la Jane Fonda) Step, Weight training, and of course Pilates.  She began teaching Pilates after training with Michael King, then working with him and Malcolm Muirhead to develop the Pilates Institute UK - now known as MK Pilates.  During this time she traveled the world presenting training courses to Pilates teachers, attending conferences, and working to develop teaching standards in the UK. In 2008 she moved to France where she worked teaching clients and continuing to teach teachers.

Since 2016 when she opened her own dedicated Pilates in the village, La Garde Freinet, in the South of France she has continued to work with clients on a daily basis as well as her collaboration with MK Pilates as an assessor and course facilitator. Her first book was published in 2005 - Pilates for Golfers, her second, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body she self-published in 2020.  The future sees her continuing with her Pilates work both as a teacher and teacher trainer as well as her goal of writing more books.

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