Zest Greece 2019

Zest Greece 2019

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For the fourth consecutive year, MK Pilates in participation with BFS Academy are organising the 4th ZEST International Pilates Convention on July 12, 13 & 14 2019 in Athens, Greece. Participants will have the opportunity to be trained under and work with 7 internationally renowned educators and speakers from Greece on specialised present-day subjects related to the Pilates method (Matwork, Small Equipment & Studio Equipment) as well as Stretching and Motion Programmes. Among other presenters will be the well-known Pilates educators Michael King & Malcolm Muirhead, Gabor Fuzy, Rachel Howard and Nissim Zoares.

Full Event Details - https://www.mkpilates.com/en/event/-zest-convention-greece-2019


Body Lounge
(Not Filmed)
Presenter Pilates Clinic
(Not Filmed)
Presenter Pilates Studio
(Not Filmed)
Pilates Fusion MK Back Pain Managment GF    
Stretch Your Limits 2019 NS Healthy Knee Workshop RH Pilates Stretching - Hip joints
(Not Filmed)
Corrective Fascia Alignment on the Mat GF Mouth Taping
(Not Filmed)
MM Dynamic Reformer
(Not Filmed)
Let’s rock on Stretching block NS Healthy Shoulder Workshop RH Mobility & Stability for the upper body MK
Spine in Motion MM Client Management
(Not Filmed)
MK Reformer For Men GF
Bodyweight Functional Training SV Understanding Scoliosis
(Not Filmed)
RH Advanced Equipment MK
Infinity Barre MK Myofascial Science - Facts & Froids GF Corrective Spine work on the Caddilac
(Not Filmed)

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Online Training Hours: 11:44:37


  • Gábor Füzy Gábor Füzy
  • Michael King Michael King
  • Malcolm Muirhead Malcolm Muirhead
  • Nissim Zoares Nissim Zoares
  • Rachel Howard Rachel Howard
  • Spiros Varotsis Spiros Varotsis