Supplementary Modules

Course Introduction Video

The modules and certifications listed below came about from the natural desire of a working Pilates teacher to expand upon their knowledge of the body in general. Here we look more specifically at postural considerations and developing the knowledge of the spine further. We also know that any teacher today has to be able to be creative but still be effective when using small pieces of equipment which are typically available in both Matwork and Equipment Studio situations. The final element that created a gap in the confidence and skill of a teacher of today is understanding the important considerations when working with two large groups of potential clients, and that is clients who are either pregnant, or part of an ever growing group - the older adult. These 10 one day modules are designed to fully complement the existing knowledge held by trained teachers.

These modules can be completed independently to any of the Diploma schedules and are also open to qualified teachers who have been trained through other education programmes. To see if these are available in your location please consult our DIARY page or contact us directly.