Studio Equipment
Standard Diploma



We offer different levels of qualification based on hours of attendance and specific topics covered in an overall Diploma programme. Our Standard Matwork Diploma programme includes three Matwork Certifications. Below we have summarised the goal of each of the three courses for you.

Theses pieces of Pilates Equipment are becoming increasingly popular and are part of the traditional Pilates programme.

Each course is a one day event and a Certificate of Attendance is issued

On the courses you will learn:

  • The Repertoire appertaining to the particular piece of equipment
  • How to screen clients to use these pieces
  • How to design and plan both Group and Personal Training sessions
  • How these pieces relate to the other Pilates Equipment
  • Teaching techniques and concerns plus an awareness in your own body of the concept of each piece with feedback on both teaching and execution skills as appropriate.

Reformer Stage 01
Studio Apparatus

Studio Apparatus - Reformer Stage 01

The Reformer Stage One is the start of your equipment training where you will be introduced to the basics of the Equipment repertoire. This is an intensive course, the last day of which will be Pilates Labs, when you will see clients and receive feedback on your performance from course tutors. You will also be required to complete case studies prior to your final practical assessment.

Reformer Stage 02
Studio Apparatus

Studio Apparatus - Reformer Stage 02

Reformer Stage 2 is a course designed to learn the full original traditional repertoire where both the individual aspects of the Michael King Pilates training repertoire and varied other interpretations of the work will be explored.

Cadillac Stage One
Studio Apparatus

Studio Apparatus - Cadillac Stage 01

Cadillac Stage One (often referred to as The Trapeze Table)

Cadillac Stage Two
Studio Apparatus

Studio Apparatus - Cadillac Stage 02

Wunda / Combo Chair
Studio Apparatus

Studio Apparatus - Wunda / Combo Chair

Ladder Barrel
Studio Apparatus

Studio Apparatus - Ladder Barrel

Spine Corrector
Studio Apparatus

Studio Apparatus - Spine Corrector

Tower / Wall Unit
Studio Apparatus

Studio Apparatus - Tower / Wall Unit

The Tower, which is an addition to the end of a Reformer, and The Wall Unit are pieces of equipment that are design to duplicate the same functions you would find at either end of The Cadillac. At MK Pilates we can tailor our Cadillac Stage 01 course repertoire to cover all you need to know and more about how to get the best from these pieces in your Pilates Equipment Studio.