Reformer Stage 02
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This course will revisit and review all repertoire from Reformer Part 01 then complete these movements and add additional repertoire to complete to all levels the MK Pilates full standard Reformer Repertoire. We give you all you need to safely and effectively take your client through the MK Pilates repertoire to all levels in a One to One personal training environment on a Studio Reformer.  You will also be introduced to the concept of group reformer sessions with sample progressive programmes provided.

Final Assessment: This involves a period of self-practice with an appropriate repertoire for your personal physical needs followed by a video submission of a self-practice session of 45 minutes covering the appropriate use of all areas of the Reformer with box-work.  This will be accompanied by a written programme with movement selection goals and a personal critique of your own technique.

Hours Summary

Studio Apparatus Silver/Gold Elite Diploma

4 Days: 32 lecture hours,
Self-Study, Personal Practice and a self-practice video for assessment with Workbook Completion - 24 Hours,
Self-practice 20 hours

Teacher Development - Total 70 Hours

Reformer Certificate
valid for 2 years with a requirement for ongoing education to maintain verification with 14 hours Teacher Development Hours each 2 year period. (When enrolled on The Studio Apparatus Diploma Course and actively attending the courses your certificate will be renewed automatically.)

Course Content

Course Content

  • Face to Face Tutor Time
  • Review of postural types
  • The opportunity to have your own teaching skills and personal practice technique assessed and discussed.
  • Movement modifications, purpose of adaptations and progressions for each movement.
  • Introduction to complete repertoire of movements and their modifications and variations as taught by MK Pilates.
  • Programme design: how to create a suitable Pilates programme based on client’s aims and postural assessment including intermediate and advanced repertoire
  • Styles of teaching and stages of learning overview to enhance personal trainer skills.
  • Discussion of the continued inclusion of Matwork repertoire and small Pilates Based Apparatus (based upon venue availability).
  • Observed teaching practice incorporating the new required skills of the work.

Support Materials

  • The student Handbook and Workbook provided as downloadable PDF files to print at your convenience but required to be accessed either digitally or in printed format during your Face to Face tutor time. The Handbook displays versions of the movements with note sections for your completion during and after the education.  The Workbook provides master pages to be used to record your personal programme and to self-assess your recorded session.  It is recommended you familiarise yourself with this material prior to attendance wherever possible.
  • Video content is provided for this education covering all the repertoire as presented in your written materials with simple audio guidance.  It is recommended you familiarise yourself with this material prior to attendance wherever possible.



After you have completed your Reformer Stage 02 Course you will only receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of the Assessment Processes.

Practical Self Analysis Video

The primary method for assessment requires you to perform a 30 minute (minimum) or 60 minute (maximum) session using the Reformer.  This session should be tailored to your own bodies needs and abilities and at the levels that can be achieved at present with your own level of the method at present.

You are required to video the session and then review yourself and your session in the form of a written self-assessment.

During the session, you should go through a varied and comprehensive list of the movements offered on the Reformer apparatus:

Full range of options from the repertoire to show safe functional usage of the tool for mixed levels repertoire.

  • Reformer – Foot Series developed
  • Box Seated, Side and Prone
  • Footbar - Shoulder Bridge developed
  • Semi Circles
  • Feet in Straps, Short Spinal/Slices/Circles
  • Straps in Hands - Kneeling, seated, supine - single arm and/or double arms variations
  • Knee Stretch developed / GUN, Floor standing movements
  • Box Developed: Swan Dive, Side Bends, Climb Tree etc.

Once completed you should have been seen doing the following:

  • Foot Bar Developed – Supine and Prone, Feet and Hand variations
  • Foot Strap work developed past Reformer 1 variations
  • Hand Strap work developed from Reformer 1 variations
  • BOX – variations and developed from Reformer Stage 01

The video will be uploaded to your MK Pilates Account. Paperwork is scanned and uploaded to your own free account and a link sent to your training provider.  (full instructions are available for the process of uploading to Dropbox and creating the link to send).  Video files must be below 500mb in size – instructions available.

Paperwork and Written self-assessment.

  • A review and record of what was completed on the video. We strongly recommend that you spend a few sessions yourself in advance of the video to ensure you are familiar with the logistics of the Reformer apparatus.
  • A full review of your video session and a projection of what you have learned and what if any changes you might make after observing yourself moving and working with the Pilates Method.

Upon acknowledge receipt of valid links to documentation and video evidence MK Pilates will assess your submission and your results will be with you with 14 days of that acknowledgement. Video quality:  You are required to use one position only for the camera that allows us to see both yourself and the client always, especially if you take them to the floor.  Full audio is required.  If we are unable to see or hear clearly, we may ask you to redo the video submission.



MK Pilates Reformer Part 01 attended or completed or appropriate equivalent training.

Course Dates

Course Dates

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