Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, that is no problem, you would just need to send proof of learning for the work you have completed so far so then we can put you on the right track.

A. Absolutely. We understand not everyone wants to invest in equipment so the Matwork Diploma can stand alone.

A. We do not recommend this path, but if you can let us know your existing experience we are open to discussion for your individual needs.

A. At the moment, there is no internationally recognised Certificate in Pilates because there is no international process. However, if the training provider has a strong international presence - which MKPilates has, as well as recognition of a comprehensive training programme - there usually are no problems with acceptance.

A. It is a very difficult question to answer as so much depends upon your own life influences which only you can know. Typically however each individual course may take up to 3 months as standard and therefore to combine all there courses from the Standard Matwork Diploma, involving building your experience as well, we recommend planning for 9 to 18 months.

A. We do not recommend you take payment from clients during your training process - however if you can obtain relevant insurance that covers you whilst you are still in training we would leave that up to you. We would stress however, that you make it clear to any clients that you are still a work in progress.

A. In order for this to be verified the new centre would need to get clearance from the original centre in order to maintain training consistency.

A. Because of the demand for our programme, you may find that you will have a different tutor for various modules. However, all our tutors work to the same schedule so although they may have different personalities the programme content will not change.

A. This is dependent on the centre you choose to train with. When you have committed to the programme and chosen you preferred Training Centre you will deal with them directly and follow their payment plans.

A. Pilates is a system of exercise created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the 1920’s. A full body programme with a mind/ body emphasis. Focus is placed on controlled movements performed in a fluid and balanced way to improve strength, mobility, flexibility, and coordination when practiced regularly.

A. The main difference when practicing Pilates is, that although there are several interpretations of the technique since it was first created most Pilates classes are performed in a way that allows practitioners to perform the exercises with a mindful approach. Many teachers do not use music or work to the beat of the music to allow participants to focus on the quality of their movements.

A. Because the technique can be adapted to each individual’s needs it is effective for all skill levels from beginner to exercise to the experienced athlete. Regular Pilates practice will improve posture, tone and shape as well as help those rehabilitating from injury return to health. Unlike other programmes, Pilates also helps more mature and senior clients to improve their quality of breath that in turn will improve quality of life. All Pilates exercises whether practiced on the mat, or using the Professional Pilates equipment can be modified or adapted to meet any skill level.

A. The course developers and tutors at MKPilates have many years’ experience teaching clients as well as training teachers in all aspects of fitness, dance, and Pilates. This vast and varied experience allows the tutors to understand and empathise with students from all walks of life. The programme is internationally recognised as quality comprehensive training that applies the latest scientific evidence with regard to exercise science and research to the classical repertoire. The programme was created in 1999 since then 1000’s of students have been trained Worldwide. Unlike some programmes, we have a rigorous assessment process that defines proof of learning as a competent teacher as well as theoretical knowledge. MKPilates training programme is comprehensive; working with both the Mat Work and Professional equipment. Because there is a long history of teaching and teacher training, tutors understand the need to support students throughout their learning experience. They are assured attention before they begin their course, with advice and direction as to their best choices. Also during their training, not only when they are in attendance but between modules should they need additional assistance to clarify information received on the module. Even after students have completed their training tutors and administrative staff at MKPilates to help with career development. As a company MKPilates is dedicated to helping our student achieve their best results in a way that fits their learning style.