Supplementary Modules
Small Equipment Programmes



Prerequisite: Working knowledge of modified and original Matwork repertoire via MK Pilates Stage 1 & 2 or equivalent experience.

We split the five easily available pieces of equipment into 3 separate one day (8 hours) courses as follows:

  • Stability Ball
  • Isotoner Ring and Resistance Band
  • Hard Foam Roller and Small Ball

All three courses include:

  • Student manual incorporating the relevant movements from the 34 original to allow appropriate application of the
    pieces of equipment into group or one to one client sessions.
  • Analysis of goals and safety considerations
  • Interpretation of teaching considerations and skills required to incorporate the piece of equipment purposefully
  • Interactive development of analytical skill for teaching considerations.
  • Verbal communication and observation skill
  • Muscular analysis of modified movements after incorporation of the piece of equipment
  • Class programming

Stability Ball

Supplementary Modules - Small Equipment - Stability Ball

Small Ball & Hard Foam Roller

Supplementary Modules - Small Equipment - Small Ball & Hard Foam Roller

Isotoner Ring and Resistance Band

Supplementary Modules - Small Equipment - Isotoner Ring & Resistance Band