Matwork Stage 02
Intermediate & Advanced Movement

This programme is designed to introduce you to the original Pilates repertoire of over 34 movements along with modifications and variations. The goal is to create a larger body of work to enable you to move your fundamental group Matwork clients toward a more challenging traditional repertoire whilst still adhering to the Michael King Method protocol.

We learn the movements, transition, appropriate stretching and class formatting. For each movement we together develop a rating allowing us to more easily design the class format for the appropriate level of the group. The course also involves homework and a focus on teaching skills and self practice. This course is not a physical test however, the aim is to help you understand what areas of your own physicality and teaching practice needs attention.

Course Includes:

  • Certificate of Achievement issued separately for Intermediate and Advanced Group Matwork
  • Manual – containing review of Matwork Stage 01 foundations, the original and modified movements with further adaptations and modifications as appropriate
  • An emphasis on developing the ability to analyse any movement for inclusion into a class 
  • Recommended 40 hours practice time (excluding case studies).
  • Muscular initiation and sequencing to allow full teaching analysis.
  • Visual skills, looking for proper execution of the exercises.
  • Verbal skills, looking at how to communicate effectively for more dynamic and intricate movement choices.
  • Introduction to the stretching principles and how to incorporate stretching into a class format.
  • Introduction to or discussion of small Pilates Based Equipment (stability ball, small ball, Isotoner ring, resistance band and foam roller (based upon venue availability)
  • Observed teaching practice incorporating the new elements of the work
  • Introduction of alternative class formats and class planning.
  • Overview of screening, marketing and goals of Intermediate and Advanced class formats

ASSESMENTS VIDEO EVIDENCE (Intermediate class level only)

Video of intermediate level class (1 hour) minimum 5 class participants. Video of self practice executing the same class plan as class video.

Intermediate Assessment Paperwork:
Workbook pages for completion and submission including:

  • Marketing text promoting new improver/intermediate class
  • Lesson plan for intermediate class video
  • Self evaluation of intermediate class video
  • Self evaluation of own practice video

Advanced Assessment Paperwork:
Workbook pages for completion and submission including:

  • Written evaluation of 3 Advanced Moves (allocated after completion of intermediate assessment)
  • Essay of 2,000-2,500 words on the history of technique development including studio equipment, modern application and future potential goals.

Hours Summary

4 Days : 32 Hours
Prerequisite: Stage 1 Matwork or appropriate equivalent training.

Teacher Development - Total 50 Hours