Standard Diploma

We offer different levels of qualification based on hours of attendance and specific topics covered in an overall Diploma programme. Our Standard Matwork Diploma programme includes three Matwork Certifications. Below we have summarised the goal of each of the three courses for you.

Hours Summary

Teacher Development - 170 Hours

Diploma Structure

Matwork Stage 01
Group Matwork

This is the foundation of our training. Whether you are a group exercise instructor, personal trainer or looking to change careers, this is our entry level training. With this format you have tutor time and take personal responsibility to practice before , during and after Tutor Face to Face time.

Teacher Development - Total 70 Hours

Matwork Stage 02
Intermediate & Advanced Movement

This programme is designed to introduce you to the original Pilates repertoire of over 34 movements along with modifications and variations. The goal is to create a larger body of work to enable you to move your fundamental group Matwork clients toward a more challenging traditional repertoire whilst still adhering to the Michael King Method protocol.

Teacher Development - Total 50 Hours

Matwork Stage 03
One to One Personal Programming

This course will give you all you need to safely and effectively take your client through beginner, intermediate and advanced work in a One to One personal training environment.

Teacher Development - Basic 50 Hours / Masters 100 Hours