How it works

How it Works

With your MK Pilates Account, which will be opened as part of your subscription, you will be able to login to the MK Pilates website on your device and from there you will be able to access your On-Demand Classes. You can pause, restart and come back to them any time you want to from anywhere you can access the internet.

With all the classes, whether you are using a small piece of equipment that can fit in your luggage, or just using the floor, as long as you have access to the internet you can enjoy your class.

Key Points

  1. No Hidden Fees
  2. Unlimited Access / Views
  3. No recurring Payment / commitment
  4. Stream on any compatible device anywhere
  5. Viewed online – no large files to store on your device
  6. You must have an internet connection

Learn more about the supported devices. Devices / Technical Recommendations section