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MK Pilates Foundation Diploma

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In recent years Pilates has grown to become one of the most well-known and popular forms of exercise. As a form of corrective exercise whatever your bodies needs Pilates can be used to help correct your posture and make your body not only more efficient but also looking better It’s also perfectly suited for anyone looking to enhance flexibility and deal with certain aspects of injury or rehabilitation.

MK Pilates follows Joseph Pilates’ original contrology principles and exercises, as well as adapting current research and understanding our bodies needs

With our online learning platform you will be given access to the theory content for the Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates, and it will also include an extensive Pilates Repertoire Exercise Library. You will have access to over 300 recorded classes which will help you practice your own Pilates and also understand different class formats. You will also have access to join our live online classes and receive direct feedback on your own practice of the Pilates Method. This will support you through your studies, as well as catch ups with your Tutor to answer any questions that will arise during your training

The course is fully accredited by Active IQ and is recognised by CIMSPA. We offer both Face to Face and Distance Learning

Who is the course suitable for?

  • Individuals 16 years or over
  • Those wishing to pursue a career in teaching Pilates both to individuals and in group sessions
  • Individuals already teaching and running sessions but without a National Framework a qualification


There are no entry requirements for this Level 3 Pilates instructor course, however we request that you have prior experience of performing the Pilates method by attending a minimum of 20 classes prior to you starting the course.

If you do not have access to classes you welcome you to our Virtual Studio online classes to complete this requirement. There would be no extra charge as these live classes are included in your fee for the duration of your course.

Sample Training Room Image

Also you have access to over 300 pre-recorded classes which will help you practice once you have started your course with our Training Room. If you are attended face to face classes please ask for our class attendance record sheet so you can have your teacher sign-off your attendance then with this and a copy of their Pilates teaching certificate. We will then assign 20 hours development credit to your MK Pilates Account.

What Qualifications are needed?

No qualifications or teaching experience is required to take this course.

If you do not presently hold a fitness instructor qualification then we have a level 2 anatomy day that we can make available to you, along with the associated theory paper with Active IQ.

This will have to be taken and passed before a teaching certificate can be issued. Please contact us so we can expand on how best to work towards this multiple choice theory exam.

What will I learn?

  • An introduction to the history and development of Pilates as a Method
  • The Pilates Principles, their anatomical and general benefits, how to communicate and apply the Principles to your teaching and the exercise
  • An introduction to the original 34 exercises as described by Joseph Pilates in his ‘Return to life through Contrology’ book
  • A detailed knowledge of the exercises modifications and adaptation to allow you to plan and deliver sessions suitable for a wide selection of clients and/or classes
  • How to plan progressive programmes both for group sessions and one to one personal training sessions
  • Class planning and exercise sequencing to include a Preparation, a Main and a Closing Phase.
  • Detailed teaching skills, observation, and correction techniques
  • Use of appropriate props or tools to assist the safe and effective execution of the Pilates exercises for different specific groups and postural types

How is my course structured?

  • Pre Study with both Written and Video content along with a requirement to participate in classes either through our Training Room pre-recorded or Virtual Studio live classes. Familiarisation of basic Anatomy is advised just prior to attendance on the face to face dates
    on 4 days
    (typically 2 x 2 day weekend modules)
  • Anatomy & Physiology online self study – totalling 1 day of content
  • Attendance Pilates Specific education – 4 days
    (typically 2 x 2 day weekend modules)
  • Practical assessment – 1 day (this can be by scheduled Face to face or by video submission. Check each course schedule to see the specifics of our chosen dates)

Learning Options

Face to Face Learning

Join us on one of our traditional ‘face to face’ training days in one of our centres. The days run from 9-5 each day so which ever is your preferred study method you can now take your Pilates Level 3 Diploma instructor training with us. Many people prefer this way of learning and pre pandemic MK Pilates only ran our training courses this way but over the last 2 years we have learnt that is is possible to have other ways of learning Pilates

Online Learning

The Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates course is fully taught with the tutor and students in a live streaming classroom with full view of each other and full interaction between students and the tutor. You will also receive full online videos of all of the Pilates exercises and their modifications which you can access at any time throughout your course. You can attend this course fully in the comfort of your own home or studio

Hybrid Learning

This is our new format of learning where you have a choice on a Live Face to Face Course you are also able to join us as an live online attendee, so you are able to learn and interact with the whole group. There are great benefits with this such as you do not need to travel and can join us from anywhere in the world.

Modular Training

All of the main MK Pilates educations, including the UK Level 3 Pilates Matwork Diploma are presented in modules.  This delivery method requires your commitment both prior to, during but also after your education and assessment modules, to be able to study, practice and develop your knowledge and skills over time.  The UK Level 3 course should be seen as the beginning of your educational journey or what some people refer to as Entry Level.  It forms what is for many the perfect tool to be recognised as a Teacher of Pilates who has shown they are safe and competent to deliver an effective Pilates session whether group class or a personal training.  With this skill set a teacher can then go out and begin the next phase of education to build upon their existing knowledge and skill.

While the UK Level 3 Diploma is regarded as an entry level Diploma it is not a simple qualification to complete.  The course covers a range of theory and practical subjects related to anatomy, physiology, health and safety, posture, postural assessment, planning and teaching Pilates exercises. In addition, students learn the principles and fundamentals of Pilates, how to motivate clients and how to set goals effectively.  Basically, all the skills to be an effective and skilled teacher working professionally in the Health and Fitness world but also for the benefit of your class participants and clients.

Your UK Level 3 Diploma can provide a confidence building springboard into MK Pilates’s Full training programmes* in all areas Matwork, but also into the comprehensive teacher training programme that convers your traditional Pilates Studio Apparatus.


*MK Pilates is an International Training Provider and as such the UK Level 3 Diploma is not a pre-requisite for any of our Diploma trainings.  With your UK Level 3 Diploma you are fast tracked through key portions of our educations as you have already demonstrated the required skills in many generic areas.

How long will it take for me to qualify.

With your MK Pilates Foundation Diploma (UK National Level 3 Diploma in Pilates Matwork through Active IQ) we will typically schedule for 2-3 months to final assessment from your first attendances date.  This of course depends entirely on your own time limitations and assessment outcomes.

Once you have completed this qualification you are then given automatic entry to our Matwork Stage 01 course, leading onto our Stages 2 & 3 to form our Standard Diploma.

Further development in the following areas is recommended to further allow to develop your Matwork teaching skills:

Special Populations: 

  • Level 3 Award in Supporting Pre and Postnatal Clients with Exercise and Nutrition
  • Level 3 Award in Designing Exercise Programmes for Older Adults

Small Equipment:

  • MK Pilates Stability Ball, Small Ball, Foam Roller, Pilates Ring and Resistance Band

With either the MK Pilates Foundation or Standard Diplomas you are open to join any of the Studio Apparatus and Post Graduate Educations.


How is it Assessed?

  • Multiple-choice theory exam(s)
  • Case study and progressive programme
  • Personal Pilates practice with observation of your own technique and goals setting.
  • Worksheets relating to the workplace, best practises, anatomy and the Pilates method and exercises.
  • Direct observation of a taught session. A formative assessment on a One to One session along with a Summative Assessment of a Group Mixed Ability Class.

Will I receive further support and guidance?

All students will be able to access support from a tutor and / or assessor at any stage of their course.  This is completed as pre-arranged online ZOOM meeting with.  You will be advised of who your centre contact, assessor and tutor is once you have booked onto your training dates.  MK Pilates will be available to you even after you qualify, to support you in your first few months of teaching ,but at any time in the future as well.