Reformer Stage 01

Course materials are issued at the first module at the end of which you will have a repertoire of equipment movements to be able to achieve an appropriate programme for virtually many levels of clients. Upon completion of the training you will have three months to complete six case studies to be presented and a practical assessment prior to your completion certificate being issued. The case studies consist of taking six clients for eight sessions each, with a postural assessment, programme plan and final evaluation for each client.

The Reformer Stage One is the start of your equipment training where you will be introduced to the basics of the Equipment repertoire. This is an intensive course, the last day of which will be Pilates Labs, when you will see clients and receive feedback on your performance from course tutors. You will also be required to complete case studies prior to your final practical assessment.

Course Includes

  • MK Pilates Reformer repertoire.
  • Movement essence and exercise goals.
  • Muscular initiation and sequencing. Breakdown of beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts.
  • Pilates based Reformer exercises and their application.
  • Postural analysis, postural improvement and overall body conditioning.
  • Visual skills, looking for proper execution of the exercises.
  • Programme design, exercise variations and modifications for specific body types.
  • Effective communication, verbal cueing and effective imagery.
  • Review and practice teaching (subject to participant’s experience).
  • Assessment and practice teaching.
  • Case Studies with a final review/summary of the recorded information.
  • Programme cards, postural assessment forms and participant questionnaires issued.